If the short-lived, all-women folk/rock music festival were to be revived, and, for some reason, I was put in charge, this is who would play.
  1. Sarah McLachlan
    Not my all-time favorite, but she founded the festival, so I figure I have to invite her. Plus, the live version of "Building a Mystery" is pretty amazing.
  2. Dar Williams
    "As Cool As I Am" would be the highlight of the festival.
  3. Suzanne Vega
  4. Ani Difranco
    She'd do "Both Hands," "Napoleon," and "Untouchable Face."
  5. Taylor Swift
    She would invite Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the stage and people would fucking lose it.
  6. Tracy Chapman
    Talkin' bout a revolution!
  7. Pat Benatar
  8. The Indigo Girls
    They would open with "Pendulum Swinger."
  9. Mary Chapin Carpenter
  10. Katy Perry
    Her rendition of "Roar" would bring down the house.
  11. Joan Osborne
    What if Joan was one of us?
  12. Macy Gray
  13. Jill Sobule
    Maybe she and Katy Perry could do a mash-up of their respective versions of "I Kissed a Girl"?!
  14. Gillian Welch
    She would cover "22", and then she and Taylor would do "Long Black Veil" as a duet.
  15. Erykah Badu
    She would bring back "Tyrone"
  16. Emmylou Harris
  17. Kasey Chambers
    She'd open with "Not Pretty Enough"
  18. Megan Trainor
    Her live performance of "Dear Future Husband" would inspire several critical Jezebel articles.
  19. Dolly Parton
    She would be the closer, ending with "Natural Woman," during which, all of the festival's artists would come to the stage for one final performance.