My Weekend

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Father-daughter lunch with @Larry at Town's End in SF.
    He had a bagel and lox. I had a duck salad with plums and little arancini!
  2. Cooked a beautiful roast chicken, which I marinated in green goddess dressing. Also made chilled corn soup (see previous list)
  3. Got dinner ready to serve and then left to meet @evan at synagogue for a tisch (basically singing and bourbon)
  4. Walked home tipsy and happy, and ate our delicious dinner.
  5. He fell asleep, so I photographed myself in his hat.
  6. On Saturday, we had lunch with our new friends Jessica and Eli.
    Jessica just published a wonderful book, "Stir: My Broken Brain and the Meals that Brought me Home." Check it out.
  7. We headed up to Santa Rosa to catch my dad's band's show in Penngrove, near Petaluma.
    This is a good time to let you know that my father, @Larry, who is a family lawyer, is in a honky tonk band made up entirely of legal professionals (judges, bailiffs, and other lawyers). They are called Court n' Disaster, and they are really really good. He plays keyboard.
  8. @evan, @ouizoid and I danced while they played original and classic country numbers.
  9. This morning, the 4 of us went out to breakfast at Dierk's in Santa Rosa.
    I had an omelette with cheddar and scallions.
  10. Had a call with @MirandaBerman to discuss a fun project we're working on.
  11. Evan and I came back to SF and I ran into @jill while parking the car!
  12. @evan surprised me with patent leather penny loafers!
    Major perk of dating a style blogger.
  13. Tonight, I will make chicken-kale salad with Friday's leftovers for dinner. We will watch Orange is the New Black, open some engagement presents, and get ready for the week.