1. The Path
    On Hulu. About a very realistic cult called Meyerism. Dark, super well-written, and addictive. Stars Aaron Paul as a cult member having a crisis of faith, Hugh Dancy as an extremely believable cult leader, Sarah Jones as a lifelong member, and Emma Greenwell as a heroin addict who joins up.
  2. Party Over Here
    On Fox. A half-hour, all-women sketch comedy show produced by The Lonely Island guys and @PaulScheer. Stars Nicole Byer, Jessica McKenna, and Alison Rich. They are crazy talented. YouTube their song "Preach to the Choir" if you need further encouragement to watch it. So on point and hilarious.
  3. The Characters
    On Netflix. 8 episodes of a comedian performing a 30 minute series of vignettes as different characters. Favorites include Lauren Lapkus as a 13-year-old video game playing boy, John Early as a high-maintenance groom, and Natasha Rothwell's rap, "Basic Bitch."