Some things i own that make my life better on a daily basis.
  1. My Fitbit
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    I don't have a lot of natural interest in exercise, but I do want to be healthy, so I had to figure out how to work it into my life. As a blogger, I am obsessed with numbers, constantly checking my web traffic stats, and this tendency + my Fitbit works really well to encourage a lot of movement throughout the day. I check the app all day long and it really motivates me to hit and often surpass my workout and step goals.
  2. My immersion blender
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    The most brilliant kitchen invention of our time. Why pour a pot of bubbling hot soup or sauce into a food processor, where it will just spurt out the sides and burn you? With the immersion blender, you just stick it in, turn on the switch, and purée right in the pot.
  3. NouNou Illuminating Cream Conditioner
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    I spend almost no time doing my hair or makeup. My philosophy is that if I invest in good haircuts, hair products, and skin products, I shouldn't have to do much else. While this approach doesn't always work across the board, this conditioner consistently leaves my hair incredibly silky and ready for action with little effort.
  4. Gummy vitamins
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    I never used to remember to take vitamins, but as soon as I discovered the gummy variety I became a daily devotee. And no, I'm not pregnant (sorry, Mom), but @aminatou taught me that prenatal vitamins make your hair and skin amazing and she is so right.
  5. Trader Joe's California Estate Olive Oil
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    I have taken extensive olive oil tasting classes (true story), and despite being price marked at $5.99, this olive oil measures up to the best. I put it on everything.
  6. These earrings
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    @evan gave me these for my 33rd birthday a couple of weeks ago. They capture my taste better than any other piece of jewelry I own. It's rare to receive a gift that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also demonstrates that the giver knows and sees you deeply.
  7. These earrings
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    Suggested by @J