Inspired by @zoe and @emjuko
  1. You are Jewish.
    Not required, but will give you a lot of mileage.
  2. You are very funny.
    Both deeply, intelligently funny and dorky, punny funny.
  3. You wear glasses.
  4. You establish an in-joke with me within the first hour of hanging out.
  5. You are a few years older than I am.
    I like being the younger one.
  6. You have strong opinions.
  7. You're a good story teller.
  8. You want to talk about food in great detail.
  9. You went to camp as a kid.
    Bonus points if you're still involved with your childhood camp in some capacity.
  10. You look just a liiiiittle bit like my dad.
    There, I said it.