I'm co-hosting a gathering tomorrow night, and obviously I am in charge of the food. Not doing anything fancy--just some gussied-up Trader Joe's fare, but it's going to be delicious. Also it was <$60.
  1. Makings of guacamole
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    Avocados, onion, cilantro, jalapeño. I already have lime, garlic, and salt. I'll mash it all together a few minutes before people arrive.
  2. Chips
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    For the guac.
  3. Cheese
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    Something creamy (honey goat) something blue (cave-aged blue), something smoky (smoked mozzarella) something new (aka unexpected, like this Red Leicester).
  4. Crackers
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    All types, for the cheese. I especially love and recommend the fig-olive ones.
  5. Sesame sticks
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    Everyone loves these, but they forget that they love them, and then they see them in a bowl, are reminded that they love them, and suddenly feel very happy.
  6. Cilantro yogurt dip and white bean hummus
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    My favorites of the TJ's dips collection.
  7. Baby carrots
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    For dippin'.
  8. Garlic naan
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    I'll slice it into strips and serve it with the dips. It's softer and fresher tasting then the Trader Joe's pita.
  9. Sea salt brownies
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  10. Strawberries and grapes
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    These serve two purposes: obviously they're yummy and people like to eat them, but they also make platters of cheeses and desserts look so much prettier.