Party Food on a Budget

I'm co-hosting a gathering tomorrow night, and obviously I am in charge of the food. Not doing anything fancy--just some gussied-up Trader Joe's fare, but it's going to be delicious. Also it was <$60.
  1. Makings of guacamole
    Avocados, onion, cilantro, jalapeño. I already have lime, garlic, and salt. I'll mash it all together a few minutes before people arrive.
  2. Chips
    For the guac.
  3. Cheese
    Something creamy (honey goat) something blue (cave-aged blue), something smoky (smoked mozzarella) something new (aka unexpected, like this Red Leicester).
  4. Crackers
    All types, for the cheese. I especially love and recommend the fig-olive ones.
  5. Sesame sticks
    Everyone loves these, but they forget that they love them, and then they see them in a bowl, are reminded that they love them, and suddenly feel very happy.
  6. Cilantro yogurt dip and white bean hummus
    My favorites of the TJ's dips collection.
  7. Baby carrots
    For dippin'.
  8. Garlic naan
    I'll slice it into strips and serve it with the dips. It's softer and fresher tasting then the Trader Joe's pita.
  9. Sea salt brownies
  10. Strawberries and grapes
    These serve two purposes: obviously they're yummy and people like to eat them, but they also make platters of cheeses and desserts look so much prettier.