Turns out I'm not the only G. Moskowitz out there.
  1. Rabbi Gidon Moskovitz
    Rabbi Moskovitz is an Orthodox rabbi based in Houston. In 2005, I started getting emails that began "Dear Rabbi." Some of the content was sensitive. Rather than respond, I Googled rabbis with my last name and based on the info in the emails, it seemed like Rabbi Moskovitz was the guy. I wrote to him, he confirmed it was indeed him, and suggested I forward the emails to him as they come. I still get them today, and he and I have developed a nice rapport. He's the closest thing I have to a penpal.
  2. Greg Moskowitz
    Sucks at fantasy football. Gets invited to a lot of bachelor parties. Whenever I correct whichever friend of his accidentally emailed me, they always keep me on the email chain, in which they say absolutely disgusting things to each other.
  3. Gidi Moskowitz
    Has children who go to a pediatric dentist in Scarsdale. Not that she ever receives the appointment reminders, which come only to me, despite my requests that the office get her correct email address.
  4. George Moskowitz
    His own mother can't seem to get his email address right, and she takes a LOT of photos when she goes on vacation.
  5. Gladys Moskowitz
    Signs up for a lot of Tea Party newsletters and rarely pays her Virgin Mobile bill on time.
  6. Dr. Gail Moskowitz
    A clinical pathologist in NYC.