Want to take your meal from good to great? Put an egg on it!
  1. Hashbrowns!
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    Poached, fried or scrambled!
  2. Burgers and veggie burgers!
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    Slide a fried egg right on top.
  3. Pizza!
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    Crack the eggs directly onto the pizza about 5 minutes before cooking finishes.
  4. Pasta with vegetables!
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    The creamy yolk makes an insta-sauce.
  5. Pasta Carbonara!
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    A fried egg right on top takes an already eggy pasta over the top.
  6. On a taco!
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    Quick, easy, and filling.
  7. On sautéed kale.
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    Low-carb and so simple:
  8. Salad!
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  9. Bibimbap!
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    A must.
  10. Risotto!
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    So decadent.
  11. Roasted vegetables!
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    Suddenly they're so much more interesting.
  12. Avocado toast!
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    Turn a light snack into a proper meal.
  13. Waffles!
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    Totally insane.
  14. Brown rice!
    Stir a beaten egg (or 2) directly into a potful of freshly cooked, steaming hot brown rice. The egg(s) will cook on contact and even puff a little. Add s, p, minced scallion. Soufflé-ish!
    Suggested by @molliekatzen
  15. Put an egg on a croque Monsieur and turn it into a croque Madame- a transgender meal!
    Suggested by @shirleykurata