I bought a beautiful wedding dress today (actually @ouizoid bought it for me). We went to 2 stores and I probably tried on 20 dresses. This is what I learned.
  1. Don't worry about a special bra.
    Most dresses have them built right in. I have (to borrow some imagery from @thebfg) tits the size of printers, but after I was laced in, those things were not going anywhere.
  2. No body negativity allowed.
    It's hard to not feel scrutinized while a team of salespeople try to figure out what kind of dress would look best on your body (which often means verbalizing what's wrong with the one you have on). All conversation should be about what a dress is or isn't doing, never about what your body is or isn't.
  3. Customer service should be fucking ON POINT
    Even less-expensive wedding dresses are pretty expensive. Wherever you shop, chances are you're going to be dropping more cash then you would on a regular shopping trip. Therefore, the people selling them to you should be attentive, kind, and professional. If they are not, leave.
  4. Don't worry about sizes.
    A good salesperson will be able to make any sample dress, whether it's too big or too small for you, look good from the front so you can get a sense of how you would look in it. Also, I was scared that the stores would be filled with nothing but size 2s, and I wouldn't be able to actually try anything on. But not only were most of the dresses average sizes (8s, 10s and 12s mostly), the better salespeople did amazing things with clips and pins to make each one fit perfectly.
  5. Wear extra blush and lip gloss.
    This tip came from @Kristina1 and I'm so glad I listened. That little bit of extra color on my face helped me better imagine what I would look like all done up.
  6. Bring heels that are about the height of what you think you will wear with your dress.
    Otherwise, the salespeople will put you in a pair of the sequin-encrusted stilettos they sell at every bridal salon for some reason.
  7. It's exhausting.
    Climbing in and out of what are essentially giant human cupcake costumes is more physically exerting then you might imagine. Talking about how you are going to look on the day you commit your life to another person is more emotionally intense than you'd think.
  8. Be open to the surprises.
    When I first started thinking about what I wanted to wear, I thought I would go as simple as possible: something that barely even looked like a wedding dress – something I could maybe wear again, like a party dress. Then I saw what I looked like in a full-on princess ballgown, and everything changed.