Like all recipes, this one is the result of a lot of trial and error, and will surely evolve further over time.
  1. Eat healthfully 85% of the time.
    Indulge 15%.
  2. Find a form of exercise you enjoy.
    Walking counts. Dancing in your pajamas counts.
  3. Find a cause you believe in and give to it.
    Money, time, other resources. Whatever you can.
  4. Don't read the YouTube comments.
  5. Suspend disbelief about your future success.
    Believe you will have it, because not believing serves no one.
  6. Therapy.
    Whatever that means to you.
  7. Keep a healthy snack, Advil, and lip balm in your bag or car.
  8. Sometimes, the point of telling someone how you feel about something is not to invoke change, but just to have said it.
    And sometimes, that is enough.
  9. Remember your inner child.
    Don't let anyone, including yourself, be unkind to that child.
  10. Create rituals.
    Every day, coffee-and-a-newspaper rituals, and weekly, monthly, and annual rituals. Think of it as consciously making life more special.