I've dated everyone of these. Please add yours too!
  1. The "too perfect" one.
    He is just too handsome and charming to be believable. Like a hybrid of Dexter Morgan and Eddie Haskill. You have no concrete reason to believe there's anything wrong with him, but you can't help but wonder what he is hiding behind that ultra-white grin.
  2. The one who just can't get his shit together.
    He means well, and he's cute and sweet and often smart, but he just isn't even close to where you are in your life, and you have the distinct sense that he won't get there any time soon.
  3. The one who is too young.
    Theoretically, age isn't supposed to matter, but it gets old when you have to constantly explain cultural references that he misses because he was born so much later than you were. Also, the risk of feeling like your relationship has a maternal element is high here, and that is not sexy for anyone.
  4. The one who is too old.
    Especially if you're in your 20s and have been dating men who are also in their 20s, dating an older man can be very appealing. But the maturity and cultural reference issues from #3 also apply here, just the other way around.
  5. The one who is kind of an asshole.
    Sure, he's smart, funny, and handsome, but if he's mean, there's no point.
  6. The one you wish you were attracted to.
    In this case, attraction is definitely not exclusively physical. This is the dude who is so right for you in so many ways, but you just can't get into him. In hindsight, you usually realize that there was actually a concrete reason that you were not into him, but when you're in it, it's so, so frustrating.
  7. The one who is a woman.
  8. The one who wants something other than love/sex from you.
    Maybe he wants you to hook him up with your agent. Maybe he wants you to teach him how to cook. Maybe he wants to get closer to your hot friend. In any case, he's bad news.
  9. The one who is actually right for you.
    Buddy Holly is wrong because falling in love is actually not so easy. It's scary and messy and complicated, but the key here is that this person is worth the risk, so you actually want to work through all the hard stuff with them.