Whether in fair or in dark stormy weather, it's Camp Tawonga to keep us together!
  1. Comforting someone covered in something gross without being noticeably disgusted.
    At some point during their stay at camp, most kids find themselves covered in one or a combination of the following: mud, dirt, lakewater, blood, poop, pee, vomit, snot. Sometimes, they are upset about or during this, and want a hug. It's important to be able to deliver the hug without them sensing how grossed out you are.
  2. Leading a group from one place to another.
    This is 75% of working at camp.
  3. Instantly scanning a granola bar package for the words "contains traces of peanuts."
    If you can't do this, you better be quick on the draw with that epi pen.
  4. A special soothing voice, reserved exclusively for people who are homesick.
    I dare you to not feel better after hearing it.
  5. So many name games.
    Additionally, the ability to rhyme even the weirdest names with something fun.
  6. Effectively putting bug spray on a moving person without getting it in their eyes (or my own).
  7. Leading a serious group talk.
    Letting you know I know you snuck out of the bunk last night without saying as much. Talking a lot about "responsibility."
  8. Speaking confidently about something I know nothing about.
  9. Applying sunscreen to a moving person who would prefer not to wear it, without making them too angry about it.
  10. Changing the lyrics of pop songs to make them into a spirited cheer.
  11. Starting lanyards.
    4 strings max, though.
  12. Convincing cranky hikers to keep going.
  13. Making large quantities of PB&J (and sunbutter&J for the allergic kids) with nothing but a rock and a butter knife.