1. Dol Ho
    Great, ridiculously cheap dim sum. I especially love the shrimp & chive dumplings. The average age of the patrons is about 70.
  2. R&G Lounge
    This place is famous for its fried salt and pepper crab, and for good reason. Bring a friend or two, because one order feeds plenty.
  3. Golden Gate Bakery
    Their egg custard tarts are the best, but they also have beautiful moon cakes, and other traditional Chinese pastries. They also make things like chocolate chip cookies and napoleons, as well as savory Chinese pastries like pork buns. Be warned: there is always a line.
  4. Henry's Hunan Restaurant
    If you love super spicy food, this place is a must-do. Their scallion pancakes are superior, and anything Kung Pao they make is outrageous.
  5. House of Nanking
    This is one of my favorites. The line is usually very long, but it's worth it for the sesame chicken.
  6. Soufflés Cafe
    Made to order soufflés in flavors ranging like green tea, purple yam, and red bean. They take about 30 minutes to make, so it's not a great place for when you're in a hurry. But if you have a little time to wait, it's totally worth it.
  7. Peony Foot Spa
    @Kristina1 swears by this very inexpensive massage joint. After walking up and down all those hills all day, it might be just the thing.
  8. Ming Lee Trading Inc.
    Every Asian snack food imaginable. Go right before you head to the airport, so you don't have to schlep your goods around all day. Then, when you're on the plane, make all your seatmates jealous because of your incredible snack collection.