In case you want to have a good cry, Gabi Moskowitz style.
  1. It makes my brother cry and thinking of that makes me cry.
  2. The Circle Game by Joni Mitchell:
    My mom used to sing this to me before bed. It's about a child getting older and time stopping for no one. Instant waterworks.
  3. Give Yourself to Love by Kate Wolf:
    The first time I heard this was at summer camp in 1996. I was 14 and battling an awful depression. A counselor played this song on guitar around a campfire one night, and it just unearthed something inside of me. Now when I hear it, I go right back to that place, and feel for my sad little adolescent self.
  4. Somewhere Out There (the one from the movie, not the Linda Ronstadt version):
    A lonely little mouse, alone in a new country, across the ocean from his family. It's the saddest thing ever.
  5. This original arrangement of The Riddle Song by @evan
    My mom used to sing The Riddle Song as a lullaby when my brother and I were little, and Evan turned it into this beautiful piece for our wedding.
  6. So beautiful, about family, overcoming depression and becoming unfrozen.
  7. The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel:
    I get so sad thinking about a young man cold and alone in New York City, taking comfort in the whores on 7th Avenue.
  8. About hope and religion and peace and violence. Plus that voice.
  9. We Shall Overcome (all versions but especially this one by Mahalia Jackson):
    So hopeful and beautiful.