I scrolled and this is what happened.
  1. This is a lemon-coconut cake that I baked for @evan's parents' 50th wedding anniversary party in November. The cake topper was the original cake topper from their wedding in 1964, and we glued it back together for the occasion.
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  2. This is Kima, my mother's dog, named after the character from The Wire. Like that Kima, she's a badass.
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  3. This is a slice of vegan mushroom bacon I made. I worked for a long time to perfect it. It's pretty incredible how much it looks and tastes like actual bacon. Here's the recipe: brokeassgourmet.com/articles/mushroom-bacon
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  4. Evan drew this picture of us. He's pretty fucking talented.
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  5. This is the sun peeking in through thousand-year-old trees at Armstrong Woods in Guerneville, California. Looking at it reminds me to find ways to let the light in.
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