Remember when we shared 5 random photos from our camera rolls? I decided to try the same thing with the music on my phone!
  1. "As Cool As I Am" - Dar Williams
    One of my most favorite songs in the whole world. Incredible lyrics, and very empowering to listen to.
  2. "Do You Hear The People Sing" - Les Miserables, Original London Cast
    I sing this at the top of my lungs, drumming on my steering wheel. Gets me revved up to kick ass.
  3. "Heartbreaker" - Mariah Carey
    Remember the amazing cartoon in the video with Jay-Z??? And Jerry O'Connell?!
  4. "Napoleon" - Ani DiFranco
    Anthem of my angsty pre-teen years, even though the song is about selling out, and my biggest concerns at the time were getting my eyeliner right and hating my parents.
  5. "You Were On My Mind" - Jay and the Americans
    One of many covers of the folk song originally performed by the duo Ian and Sylvia. I like this upbeat, pop-y version better. And I love the idea of being the first thing on someone's mind when they wake up.