The Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe's

Your suggestions are welcome.
  1. California Estate Olive Oil
    This is the highest quality, best tasting olive oil you can get for under $10 (it's usually around $5.99).
  2. Pink Himalayan salt in a grinder
  3. Rainbow peppercorns in a grinder
  4. All purpose flour
    This is actually King Arthur Flour, which is very high-quality, repackaged and sold for $1-2 less than in regular stores.
  5. French Roast Ground Coffee
    This is the best cheap coffee out there. It usually runs around $4.99 for 14 ounces.
  6. Cookie butter
  7. Creamy almond butter
  8. Kerrygold butter (salted)
  9. Cognac
  10. Peeled garlic
  11. Goat Milk Brie
    This is creamy and mild with just enough bite.
  12. Italian Truffle Cheese
    I use this to make mindblowingly good (and very inexpensive) truffle mac and cheese.
  13. Pizza dough
    I usually make my own, but theirs is excellent.
  14. Gyoza potstickers
    Usually vegetable or shrimp.
  15. Frozen fruit, kale, and spinach for smoothies
    If you make smoothies as often as I do, get yourself to a Trader Joe's stat. There's no place where cheaper frozen fruit and greens can be found.
  16. Cruciferous Crunch Collection
    I'm not usually a fan of pre-bagged salads, but this one is absolutely excellent. I like it with a creamy yogurt dressing or olive oil and lemon juice.
  17. Mochi ice cream
    Mango and green tea flavors are the best.
  18. Fresh rice noodles
    These are usually near the soy products, and are so silky and delicious in soups, salads, or just with a little bit of sesame oil and salt.
  19. Whole Milk Ricotta
    This is the good stuff with no weird gums or stabilizers.
  20. Coconut oil
    I usually buy two jars: one for the kitchen, and one to use as a skin moisturizer.