Today @MirandaBerman and I served a special holiday lunch to @mindy and her writers. We worked very hard on it, and we don't mind telling you that it was damn delicious. This is what we made.
  1. Olive oil challah with sesame seeds
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  2. Kale with citrus dressing, candied pepitas, and carrots
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  3. Roasted broccolini with shallots and lemon
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  4. Brisket in a tomato-wine sauce
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  5. Sweet potato latkes with Sriracha and chilies, AKA Lahiri latkes
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  6. Crema and cardamom-orange applesauce (for the latkes)
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  7. Rosemary-garlic chicken
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  8. Brown sugar-chocolate babka with sea salt
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  9. Happy holidays!
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