The Truth About My Hair Color

It's complicated.
  1. When I was a baby, it was light blonde, just like my mother's.
    Check out @ouizoid's arm-cut-out top!
  2. It stayed this way throughout my early childhood.
    As you can see, I kept it short so it wouldn't get in the way of my cooking.
  3. Into my early teens it darkened, eventually landing somewhere between dark blonde and light brown.
    Bat Mitzvah, April, '95. Featuring @jgmosko.
  4. In the middle of seventh grade, stricken with My So-Called Life fever, I dyed it Angela Chase red.
    I desperately wish I had photographic proof of this. It made my whole face look kind of orange.
  5. Sometime after that, I got the idea that blonde highlights were my hair destiny.
    Bangs too, on and off.
  6. Sometimes I went very very blonde.
    Headshot, 2010.
  7. And then every so often, I would chuck it all and go dark.
    Here with @sbritton's sweet son Elliot, later in 2010.
  8. Sometimes very dark.
    With my dad, @Larry, at Thanksgiving in 2011.
  9. And darker still.
    Right after an awful breakup in winter of 2011. Despite the cheery background, my hair color was working hard to reflect how my soul was feeling at the time.
  10. But I always managed to find my way back to blonde.
    And sometimes bangs.
  11. Today I am as close to my natural hair color as I have been since junior high school: dark blond, a few wispy light streaks. Hair that actually matches my eyebrows.
    And I finally feel like I really look like myself.
  12. But when the urge to change hits next, I'll go see my friend and hairstylist Kristina. She is hands-down the best I've ever had.
    If you're in SF, hit her up: