A lot more than usual!
  1. Whole-wheat chocolate babka with flaky sea salt.
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    Our friend's father passed away recently, and @evan is attending the shiva tonight. When you visit a Jew who is grieving, you don't bring flowers, you bring food.
  2. Mini whole-wheat cinnamon rolls.
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    I had a little too much babka dough, so I'm about to bake these, and will bring them to a friend I'm meeting for coffee this afternoon.
  3. Brisket for our pre-Yom Kippur fast meal.
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    We'll be fasting all day on Weds for the day of atonement, so tomorrow night we will feast in preparation, after this guy spends about 4 hours in a low-heat oven. Search my lists for the recipe.
  4. Chinese dumplings
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    We have a tradition of having friends over for a break-the-fast dumpling fest after fasting all day on Yom Kippur. That means that in the days prior, I roll about a million homemade meat dumplings. This recipe can also be found in my lists.
  5. Nonstop ice water.
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    Because it is about 800 degrees in here.