Things I Changed My Mind About

  1. Vegetarianism
    A lengthy visit to a petting zoo inspired me to go veg in 1990. 20 years later, a blossoming career in food writing led me back to the dark (meaty) side.
  2. Mayonnaise
    I thought it was disgusting until I tasted the homemade, garlic-laden kind, made with good olive oil.
  3. Haircolor
    Every five years or so, I decide I'm meant to be a brunette. I've been blond since 2011, so change may be afoot soon.
  4. Bangs
    See above. Every few years they come back.
  5. Online dating
    I swore it off it 2011, claiming it was awkward and creepy. I tried it again a year later, and met the man I'm getting married to next summer.
  6. Lox
    As a kid, I was creeped out by its raw-but-not-really texture, until my grandfather taught me how to layer it on a toasted bialy with cream cheese.
  7. Pop country music
    I pretended not to like it for years. I was kidding you and myself.
  8. Sour cream
    Idk what was wrong with me I LOVE IT
    Suggested by   @sam
  9. Mini Vans
    Yo have you SEEN the technology in them now!?!? My friend just bought one with a vacuum BUILT IN!!
    Suggested by   @sam
  10. Exercising in the morning
    I used to be one of those "no way I could get myself out of bed to move around and sweat before 7 am" kinda gals. Now if I don't move around and sweat before 7 am, my whole day is fuzzy. Also, the idea of not even realizing your working out because you might actually still be asleep the first 20 minutes is real and welcomed.
    Suggested by   @jeanette
  11. Fish
    Couldn't get me to eat it as a kid. There wasn't a chance in hell and my parents tried everything. In my early 20s I started experimenting with fish recipes and now I love it.
    Suggested by   @p
  12. Breast feeding in public.
    Well before the kid came along I was against it because it seemed to me the only women doing it were trying to prove a point. But as it became more main stream and I experienced more women doing this without a picket sign but rather a no-longer screaming child I came around. Also, it's natural and deal with it!
    Suggested by   @donnie
  13. Cilantro
    Grew up HATING it with a passion. One summer in Taiwan in college had me falling in love with it. Now I ask for extra cilantro in my burritos...
    Suggested by   @eatthelove