It goes without saying that she wouldn't approve of me being home writing lists on a Saturday night.
  1. Watch my carbohydrate intake.
    My adult self knows it's necessary if I want to continue to fit into my younger self's jeans, but my younger self thinks I should just chill out and eat the cinnamon roll.
  2. Live below my means.
    My younger self did not believe in saving money.
  3. Go to synagogue regularly.
    My younger self found shul profoundly boring. My adult self still kind of does, but the ritual of going every Friday and the feeling of community do me good.
  4. Stop after 2 drinks.
    Hangovers are significantly worse for my older self.
  5. Spiralize vegetables and eat them like pasta.
    There were no spiralizers on the market when I was younger, but I'm pretty sure my younger self would have found them incredibly stupid.
  6. Wash my hair no more than 2x week.
    I used to obsess about my hair being as clean as possible. Now I know better.
  7. Give money to my alma mater when they call to ask for donations to the annual fund.
    My younger self always hung up.
  8. Take a multivitamin.
    My younger self did not take the kind of joy that my adult self does in meeting my daily vitamin and mineral values.