Things I Found in My Parents' Garage

This weekend, I helped my mom go through boxes of my childhood belongings, to determine what to donate, what to chuck, and what to save for my future children. Here are some highlights.
  1. Early culinary inspiration
  2. An all-time favorite
  3. A VERY old copy of Goodnight Moon
    Saved, duh.
  4. This weird velvet hat, which I wore every day to kindergarten
    Saved for my future weird children.
  5. This Cleopatra-at-the-Disco headpiece I loved in 6th grade
    Donated (not sure who will want it but fingers crossed).
  6. My first bra
    Saved, for evidence my boobs once fit in something without underwire.
  7. This adorable handprint poem I made in pre-school
    Forced my parents to keep after giving them a stern talking-to about ever taking it down.
  8. Pom poms I never used
  9. This terrifying garbage fire baby doll
    Sent her back to whatever hell she came from.