I make these lists on my personal blog (gabimoskowitz.com), so I thought I'd make one here, too.
  1. The Fitbit is an excellent tool for the part of my brain that wants to get credit for every little thing I do.
  2. Conflict resolution is what actually makes the heart grow fonder.
  3. Coconut oil and sweet potatoes are a match made in culinary heaven.
  4. Everyone just wants to be listened to.
  5. There is nothing like a perfectly executed pun.
  6. For someone who can eat gluten, the main benefit of gluten-free bread is that, when you toast it, it becomes deliciously crunchy.
  7. Part of being an adult is loving someone while hating a choice they are making.
  8. There is no better music to listen to in the car than Motown.