@evan is in Israel on a fellowship for 2 weeks. I am home. Here's what's been going on.
  1. The cat is obsessed with me
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    Most of the time, I am just the other person in bed she has to climb over to get to her One True King. When he is out of the picture, she can't get enough of me. She follows me to the bathroom, sticks her butt in my face while I am trying to work, and wakes me up by stepping on my face.
  2. I get to indulge in secret hermit proclivities
    It wouldn't be a good way for me to live full-time, but I get so much out of a few days by myself. My creativity soars and I get to connect with a very deep, private part of my soul.
  3. I see a lot more friends
    When my hermit time gets old, I try to fill the evenings with dinners with friends. When I was single, I often had weeks when I had plans with a different friend every night. I like revisiting that.
  4. Watching movies from my youth
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    Yesterday afternoon I rewarded my day of focused work with a viewing of Can't Hardly Wait, starring @LeslieGrossman (in her first paid acting role!) as Ready to Have Sex's Friend (actual character name--look it up). In this scene she is rolling her eyes at Seth Green.
  5. My meals become more erratic
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    When you share most of your time with someone, you tend to share a meal schedule. Since he went on his trip, I've been spending my days working, socializing, watching TV shows he isn't interested in, exercising, and talking to myself, so lunch doesn't always happen exactly at 12:30 anymore.
  6. Texting and g-chat become super important
    We are one of those obnoxious couples who update each other nonstop throughout the day. With a 10-hour time difference between us now, not to mention a busy program for him and a big, looming deadline for me, staying in touch is both more challenging and more important than usual. Twice per day, we get in a little bit of instant messaging and I feel thankful for technology that helps us feel connected despite the distance.
  7. Wedding planning, apparently
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    It has started. I'm already getting alarmist emails from theknot.com and making appointments to taste canapés. I have to admit that, as someone who never really thought much about it before, it's fun to start gathering ideas.