Cooking comes with privileges.
  1. The crusty yet tender end-piece of the brisket.
  2. The crispy cheese that slips out of the grilled cheese and onto the pan.
  3. The best brownie.
    Corner or middle? Up to you.
  4. The best piece of lasagna.
    Same concept.
  5. The 13th meatball.
    It would be unfair for one person to have an extra one on their plate. You're just keeping the peace.
  6. A spoonful (or 3) of cookie dough.
  7. The sliver of crispy chicken skin that came loose from the chicken during cooking.
  8. The delightfully almost-burnt Brussels sprout.
  9. Wine while you cook AND with the meal.
    No judgment.
  10. Praise and thanks.
  11. Freedom from dish duty.