Things You're Likely to Find in My Purse

Per @hollis' request.
  1. First of all, here's my purse
    It's my first grown-up lady bag, and the largest one I've ever owned. I'm constantly losing things inside it because I'm still not used to having so much space to navigate.
  2. Wallet
    A woman whose child I nannied for when I was in college gave this to me for my 21st birthday, in 2003. It's beaten up, but still great.
  3. Sunglasses
    $14, no name brand. Buying expensive sunglasses is pretty much a guarantee that I will lose/step on/otherwise ruin them.
  4. A copy of my second cookbook
    A literary agent I'm friends with told me once that I should always have a copy of my most recent book on me. It has come in handy a few times, though I admit to feeling a little silly saying, "Actually, if you'd like to see it, I have a copy in my bag..."
  5. A book to read
    This one is big and heavy (and very good), but I'd rather read a physical copy of it than a digital one, so I schlep it with me.
  6. Lipstick
    Yves St. Laurent, #203. It's not the kind of thing I would ever spend money on, but a friend gave it to me for my birthday last year and when I put it on, I feel 99x more sophisticated.
  7. Portable phone charger
    One of the best purchases @evan has ever made.