Inspired by everyone.
  1. Woke up a little hungover for the first time in awhile.
    It was worth it though!
  2. Made smoothies with maca powder and avocado toast with sesame seeds for @evan and me.
    Maca tastes ever so slightly like chocolate. I like it.
  3. Drove with Evan to Berkeley. Hit up Berkeley Bowl.
    Berkeley gives me such grocery store envy.
  4. Drove to the Alameda Flea Market
    Parked 8 million miles away. Got in ALL of my steps.
  5. Had momos (Nepalese dumplings) and salad from a food truck for lunch. Evan had a tofu bao.
    Mine was better than his.
  6. Saw so much cool, weird stuff at the flea market.
    Like this creepy clown tea party.
  7. Or this painting of a duck (maybe?) in chucks, holding in its pee?
  8. Drove home. Worked on our respective writing projects for 3 hours.
    I also watched an episode of Barely Famous.
  9. Didn't feel like making real dinner so I made Evan quinoa with olive oil and a fried runny egg, and a big spinach-avocado smoothie for me.
  10. Spilled half of the smoothie on the carpet.
  11. Spent an hour-and-a-half cleaning it up.
    Carpet is only slightly green-tinged now.
  12. Ended up having the remaining half of the smoothie, a bunch of Brazil nuts, and some rice cracker snack mix for dinner.
  13. Writing to you now from bed with a cup of tea with some Natural Calm stirred in.
    Sweet dreams.