I started running about 6 months ago and, as a result of that, have begun to lose some weight. I'm not sure how much (I don't like to weigh myself), but it's a substantial enough amount that people have begun to notice and I have had to buy new pants. I have more energy, and am lighter on my feet--that was to be expected. Here's what surprised me.
  1. I don't feel like I look different
    Logic (and other people) tells me I do, but the image in the mirror looks the same to me, maybe because I see myself every day and it's hard to track that closely. I can feel that my stomach is flatter and my clothing is looser, I can see in photos that my double chin has mostly vanished, but I feel sort of divorced from the experience.
  2. New bones
    I can feel bones I didn't know I had. I mean, I knew I *had* them, I just wasn't as aware of them because they used to be better hidden. Getting comfortable in bed before falling asleep is a different experience when your body has changed
  3. Conversations about my body with other people
    On one hand, it feels great to hear that I look good. On the other, I am not used to discussing my body with people I'm not close to, so when things go beyond, "You look great!" to discussions of how I looked before (a guy I hadn't seen in 3 years told me I look like I am half the size I was when he last saw me--I am not), I get uncomfortable. I have never been so aware of how focused on weight people can be.
  4. My feet are smaller
    About half a size.
  5. My goals have shifted
    Running has been about so much more than weight loss: it's made me stronger, more focused, and I have some of my best ideas when I'm flying down the street, totally out of my head and in my body. My focus is more on that than getting smaller.