Pretty much the most fun-to-eat salad since the endive boat. Feta and watermelon might seem like a weird combination to the uninitiated, but trust me on this one. Recipe also available on my blog:
  1. Start with a seedless watermelon. You really only need half of one for this recipe, but I usually buy them whole anyway, since they're such a tasty, healthy snack to have on hand. Look for a spherical melon with a dark green rind (and make sure it's seedless--seeds are no fun to deal with in this preparation).
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  2. This is a salad for 4 people, and each person gets his or her own "pizza," so slice the melon into 4 rounds (or more, obviously--this recipe is very easy to scale up or down).
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  3. Next, we turn our watermeolon rounds into "pizzas." This happens magically, by slicing each one into 6 triangular slices. See? It's basically a pizza.
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  4. Then a light layer of thinly sliced red onions gets scattered over each slice. Feel free to go extra-light on the onions if you're not a fan.
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  5. Then do the same with some creamy, crumbled feta cheese. Remember to get every slice so each bite has a little of everything.
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  6. Next, some mint leaves, for freshness.
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  7. And finally a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil, some black pepper, and a tiny touch of salt.
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  8. It's pizza time.
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  9. OK, fine, It's watermelon salad time.
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  10. Still pretty damn good.
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