There was a lot of food involved.
  1. @evan came home on Friday with a cool flower and bourbon.
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  2. I made jambalaya for dinner with (vegetarian) andouille sausages. We had it with a little absinthe.
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  3. On Saturday, we drove up to Tiburon for lunch at Sam's.
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    It's expensive and touristy, but the views and people-watching make it worth it. Plus, the ahi sandwich I had was delicious.
  4. After lunch, we went for a waterside walk and I took this photo of Evan. I love the colors of the water and sky behind him.
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    I also love his face.
  5. We eventually found ourselves at a mall in Corte Madera, so we decided to get dinner at PF Changs.
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    It was ok. The best part was the conversation we had about how the past informs the future.
  6. For brunch today, I made this chickpea flatbread (also known as socca), topped with homemade olive tapenade, Parmesan, and sautéed chard.
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    It's like pizza, but healthier, and with a crispier crust.
  7. Our friend PJ is coming over for dinner tonight, so I am making a big batch of roasted beets with pistachio-mint pesto.
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    Also on the menu: kale salad, grilled halloumi, schug, whole wheat pita.