Won't forget, can't regret.
  1. Pretended to care about skateboarding
    Santa Rosa, 1993
  2. Pretended to be into rap
    Santa Rosa, 1998
  3. Pretended to be interested in Ralph Nader
    Boston, October, 2000
  4. Pretended to be comfortable with having an open relationship
    Boston, 2001
  5. Pretended to not mind picking up the check every time
    Boston, 2003
  6. Pretended to enjoy casual sex
    Boston 2001-2005
  7. Pretended to like smoking weed
    San Francisco, 2006
  8. Pretended my idea of a good beverage is the "hoppiest IPA you have"
    San Francisco, 2007
  9. Pretended to be ok with removing all of my pubic hair
    Santa Rosa, 1999, Boston 2000-2005, San Francisco, 2006-2010