A few reasons.
  1. Because it can make a boring Tuesday night special.
  2. Because it makes me feel in control.
  3. Because I can get dinner on the table faster than takeout can arrive.
  4. Because of frying onions.
  5. Because sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense.
  6. Because I can control what goes into my food.
  7. Because of crunchy carrots, juicy peaches, grassy olive oil, crispy lids of browned Parmesan.
  8. Because of Friday night challah.
  9. Because I am really fucking good at it.
  10. Because I care about the health of the people I cook for.
  11. Because it exempts me from having to do the dishes.
  12. Because it's a way of connecting to my heritage.
  13. Because there's nothing like the look on the face of a person in the throes of culinary enjoyment.
  14. Because it's cheaper than going to a restaurant.
  15. Because it can be something new every time.
  16. Because of garlic cooking in butter.
  17. Because food is what brings us all together.