I got engaged just over two weeks ago and since then, I have been asked if I will be changing my last name when I get married no fewer than twelve times. Here's why I will be keeping it.
  1. My mother didn't change hers.
    My parents (@ouizoid and @Larry) have been happily married for almost 35 years, and they have different last names. Just as the practice of changing one's last name in marriage is tradition for many, not doing so is effectively tradition for me.
  2. I've been using my given last name professionally for years, and changing it would be confusing.
    I've published 2 books with "by Gabi Moskowitz" printed on them. I'd like to remain easily searchable on Amazon.
  3. It sounds like a giant headache to get done.
    Driver's license, credit cards, Social Security card, bank accounts, checks, insurance, email--it's definitely not a primary reason, but it still sounds like an awful lot of bureaucratic hoops to jump through.
  4. Hyphenation is out.
    My last name is already a doozy. Smushing our names together might be in the realm of possibility if I were marrying someone with a very short last name like Lee or Bell. But I picked @evan Wolkenstein, and "Moskowitz-Wolkenstein" is just not something I would do to myself, let alone a child.
  5. "But what about your kids!? Won't they be confused??"
    Why? I wasn't. Children accept what is presented to them. We will be two loving parents who happen to have different (multisyllabic, Jewish) last names.
  6. It's just who I am.
    I totally understand and respect people who choose to change their names upon getting married (or for any reason, really), it just doesn't appeal to me. I have known since I was very young that I would always be Gabi Moskowitz. It's just who I am.