All the guys sucked in their own ways but at least sex was fun
  1. T*
    We dated for 6 months and broke up when he said he was too busy to have me in his life. We had sex in his car many, many times.
  2. P*
    Rebound for T. "Dated" for 3 months. We went on one date then had Netflix and Chill dates until he ghosted
  3. J
    Rebound for P. Kissed during spring fling. Dated for 8 months but never put a label on our relationship 🙄 (this is the musician)
  4. M
    Rebound for J. Only hooked up twice, pretty mediocre. Took him to see the Tonight Show with me. Wasn't interested in dating me.
  5. E
    Hooked up once. He came very quick. Still see him around campus.
  6. B
    Hooked up once. He gave good head.
  7. A
    I forget I hooked up with him. He's wanted me for years. So not my type. But is going to be a doctor.
  8. N*
    The cute f***boy. Best sex I've had.
  9. *
    Letters with this mean I'm still hooking up with them.