On my wild, crazy tinder adventures, I stumbled upon the f***boy who I have developed a huge crush on. Let's take a walk through this and laugh about how crazy I am.
  1. He's a psych major
    I don't like to be psycho analyzed and I'm not great with talking about my feelings. Which he likes.
  2. He is actively looking for new girls to sleep with
    While I'm in bed next to him, by the way.
  3. He criticized how my body reacted when I was in pain during sex
    I had a uti. I thought we were going to cuddle and watch tv.
  4. He constantly snapchats other girls when I'm with him.
    He sends them pics of our bodies in bed together. I don't really mind it that much because I love my body but it's kinda weird.
  5. He's the f***boy you want to take to mama
    He's smart, funny and is graduating college soon. Then going to grad school.
  6. He brings the nasty side of me out
    Not just talking sexual nasty. Like laughing at degrading, socially unacceptable, anti-feminism jokes. Though we both don't agree with those opinions.
  7. But there's something I like.
  8. He wants to care about me
    He always asks about how I'm feeling and wants to know what I want to do during sex.
  9. He's crazy cute.
    Not really but cuter than my past lovers by far.
  10. He actually calls it "making love"
    Ugh I've always wanted a guy to say that when doing it with me. Makes me feel like something.
  11. He loves the way I do stuff in bed
    Besides the criticizing time, he constantly tells me how different I do things compared to other girls. And how he likes it.
  12. He loves snuggling
    I love to be close to my lovers
  13. He often speaks of passion
    He lets me show my passionate side when making love. Instead of just doing it for fun
  14. But he makes fun of me
    He laughs at how "boring" my life is. I enjoy my life and it's not boring to me. He also hates my laugh.
  15. He says he'll miss me over break
    I don't know if that is sexual longing or actual longing.
  16. I don't know how to feel about him.
    I'll figure out more soon