1. "Why are you here?"
    I probably gave you a hard time about planning the date.
  2. "Why are you single?"
    Unless I can figure it out on my own.
  3. "What was the reason behind your last break up?"
  4. "What attracted you towards me?"
    The amount of times I've looked like a guy's ex is obnoxious
  5. "How many people have you slept with?"
  6. "Do you see us falling in love?"
  7. "Are you selfish in bed?"
  8. "Do you think I'll get a job in my area of study?"
    This is actually very important. Many people underestimate the options I have for my future career. And if they disrespect the business I work in, I can't be with them.
  9. "Have you fallen in love before? Why?"