What I've learnt as a single women living in London

I live in London- one of the biggest cities in the world yet to the despair of what is becoming the majority of my family and friends I am single and when I say single I mean single. Here is what I've learnt as a single woman living in a large city
  1. There are options...
    Yes that's true London is full of men but just because that's the case that doesn't mean I am meeting people who are suitable for me and this is not me being picky this is just fact
  2. It's ok to do things on your own
    I like to go out and sometimes you can't rely on other people if you want to do something so I go alone and that doesn't make me a freak it just proves I'm happy to do stuff on my own
  3. Internet dating sucks
    So I've downloaded the apps, created the profiles and to this day haven't met a single person I would like to go out with- am I doing something wrong?
  4. People will always ask why I'm not dating anyone
    Answer: cause most men I meet are either freaks or pervs and neither really appeal to me
  5. It's ok to be single
    I think this is probably the one thing I have to remind myself of continuously because honestly after a while you start to think there is something really wrong win you. However the truth is that I just haven't met a guy I want to spend time with and that's that