oh man im just going to go as far back as I can with memories and see where this takes me
  1. story one is when I was in kindergarten and I vaguely remember being on the playground and it was one of those field days or something and this boy and I were on the playground that had the fire fighter pole thing and he tried to kiss me? it's not really a crush but there's a story I need to remember
  2. this may be totally weird but I can remember crushing on my cousin? actually two of them. one on both sides of my family. they are both older than me by a few years but I can totally remember loving them because I was really close with them and they treated me like a sister and I was always like omg they would be the best boyfriend ever
  3. elementary school time lets see I can remember loving all of my closest guy friends first was this boy named Q and we hung out every single day after school pretty much (we aren't friends anymore) Then in 5th grade maybe 4th too I had a huge crush on this guy named J. I remember planning out dropping my bracelet in the library so he could give it
  4. cont.- back to me lol. I loved him a lot and he was always really cute and still is. I also had this crush on one of my friends (a guy) brothers he was a grade ahead of me. I remember wanting to go to the second level water fountain just to see him oh my
  5. okay middle school I can remember falling in love with my best friend who has now been my best friend for over 10 years now. he is gay now that is besides the point but I liked him a lot and he wasn't gay at the time and he dated a lot of girls and all of my friends were in love with him and I always remember being scared to tell him
  6. but I ended up telling him when I was on this up north ski vacation with him and his family and mine and this other family. we were texting lol. and he was currently in a relationship at the time ha. and at that time one of my semi close friends that was on the trip admitted he had liked me for years I can't believe that
  7. I loved another one of my close friends, J. Different J. Who was in theatre. One of my close girl friends loved him too. I remember feeling in competition with her for him or something. With him I can remember always wanting to play truth or dare so I could kiss him and I also remember sending him an Fb message saying I liked him at some point
  8. hmm end of middle school to freshman year there were two guys W and M. I fell in love with both of them. Both were so different from the other though. The M story is terrible and I can't believe how much I thought I was actually in love (we dated two times) and also W we kissed once and had this thing I guess who knows anymore.
  9. I was still in the petty I think I'm in love mode in freshman year I think it was I dated D for a month or something but I thought he liked someone else so I broke that off. Best memory is sadies we slow danced. I avoided him kissing me each time he tried. I still want our picture from that night but I don't have it.
  10. I liked a boy named Joe at one point. Then Griffin. These are out here so I can remember one day
  11. liked off and on B (can't decide if I ever really did like him) then D started and I still think I'm in love with him? But there's another D now. and it's all confusing and love is mcpenwnoddijs it's crazy to me how we can love people idk