These are things I do now that houston is around that I did not do before I knew him.
  1. Eat the jalapeños on my pizza or sandwich.
    I used to just pick them off like an ingrate!
  2. Order and then eat a burger "medium well".
    Before Houston I was a "no pink" girl, now I am a "little bit of pink" girl. Maybe someday I will be a "red" girl but probably not because I'm not an animal!
  3. Drink diet soda.
    I didn't know it had zero calories. My life has changed for the better. For now anyway. When I get my aspartame tumor I'll probably change my tune.
  4. Eat (some) brown meat chicken.
    Only some, because I have meat standards. But I've learned to turn the other cheek at the occasional greyish piece of chicken.
  5. Poop at work.
    I went seven whole years without pooping at my place of work until Houston helped me feel okay about letting my body be a normal functioning body. Before him I did not know the joys of getting paid to poop.
  6. Go to a rap concert.
    Now I've been to three. But I still don't own a do-rag.