All these are copyrighted by me; all rights reserved to me, assholes.
  1. Pumperdime™ "its twice as good as pumpernickel "©™
  2. Vents beneath your car that blow hot air from your heater onto the ground to melt the snow and ice while you're driving.
  3. Sumo Wrestling Marshmallows.
  4. A meatball sub made ENTIRELY out of meatball.
  5. Hasmat suit condoms.
  6. Poptart Casserole.
  7. Beets by Dr. Pepper
  8. Jello bed.
  9. Waffles with Crown Royal Maple on top.
  10. Double-Penetrated Oreos porno.
  11. Glass upside-down ketchup bottles.
  12. Restaurant/store called "I Can't Think of the Name."
  13. Pimped out cane that is also a bong.
  14. Thumb extenders for thumb wars.
  15. Temporary tattoo condoms.
  16. Gay Divorce Court.
  17. Adopt a Grandpa.
  18. Self-lighting pipe for people with one arm.
  19. Chemistry Club tshirt: My anaconda don't want none unless you got Bunsen.
  20. Cum hanky.
  21. Oldies themed strip club; music-wise, not old lady strippers. But they have oldies bushes.
  22. Sweet Baby Jesus! milkshakes.