1. Toy Story 5:
    Andy is sick and dying in the hospital. The toys travel to go see him. They disclose to him that they are living just as he dies and his heart monitor beeps. Epic.
  2. Dinosaurs Getting High Behind Taco Bell:
    3 dinosaurs discover a magical pot plant that makes them live forever and survive the elimination of dinosaurs. Now, thousands of years later, they chill behind a dumpster behind a TBell and get high. Starring Danny DeVito, Kevin Hart and Liam Neeson as the dinosaurs (dressed in Barney-esque costumes) and Megan Fox as the drive thru girl.Danny DeVito's dino character bangs Megan Fox in the first ever dinosaur/human love scene. Super erotic.
  3. Taken Memory:
    Liam Neeson gets Alzheimer's and stays in Taken character for the rest of his god forsaken life, repeating the same goddamn lines.
  4. Space Baby:
    A baby is sent to space to discover another planet and spends the entirety of his life alone on a shuttle, his only communication the NASA space commanders.