Stay away...
  1. Dyes hair different colors often/constantly changing hairstyle.
  2. Thin eyebrows.
  3. Many bullshit tattoos including but not limited to:
    a tattoo for their dead pet, song lyrics, something tribal/"Celtic," stars, a four leaf clover, a dream catcher, the infinity symbol, "Believe," "Faith," "Love."
  4. A behind-the-ear tattoo.
  5. Talks about "The Universe" as a higher power.
    i.e. "It was The Universe's way of telling me blah blah blah... If you put it out into The Universe, blah blah blah. "
  6. More than double piercings in ears.
  7. Multiple face piercings.
  8. Dots "i"'s with a star, heart, or circle.
  9. Has a name that should end in a "y" but instead ends in an "i."
  10. Ankle tattoo.
  11. Refers to other girl as "girl" all the time
    i.e. "Hey girl what are you doing tonight?"
  12. Loves Marilyn Monroe
    but probably hasn't seen any of her movies. If she has and she's obsessed, she's even crazier.
  13. Wears animal print often.
    *Bonus crazy points if she has animal print tattooed on herself.*
  14. Wears black eye shadow (smokey eye) during the day time and usually minimal or no makeup on the rest of her face.
  15. Acrylic nails with tips a different color than white.
  16. Straight across bangs.
  17. Does she have her clit pierced? Was she also fucked by her dad? Brother? Uncle? Probably.
  18. Has a Hooters tank top but has never worked at Hooters.