I fucking love food.
  1. Do I just crave the textures?
    Most of the time I'm not even hungry, I just want to feel the chocolate or cake in my mouth and not even swallow.
  2. Is it still a good thing that I don't punish myself for overeating?
    I don't carry over excess calories into the next day as punishment.
  3. Why do I feel the need to eliminate all excess food in the house?
    Is this instinctual? Is it mental? Is this a habit I developed in childhood due to some event I can't recall? Damnit I am not obligated to finish every half-consumed product in the kitchen.
  4. Why am I putting a third cupcake in my mouth?
    I wasn't even hungry when I ate cupcake #1.
  5. What causes this feeling to stop?
    Running helps, but I don't feel like running all the time every day. Clearly eating until it hurts doesn't work.
  6. How can I get mad at myself for doing this but then never actually stop?