Looking @ you, rainbow sprinkles.
  1. Riding on a shopping cart down an empty grocery store isle.
    And in the parking lot.
  2. Not shower every day.
    I hated bath time as a kid, it still feels like a chore to this day.
  3. Wear dirty clothes in public because I was too lazy to do laundry again.
    Unless they really smell or have visible stains.
  4. Being overly competitive with my siblings.
    Because I'm the best one. Matthias, don't make me lock you in a dog kennel again, you little turd.
  5. Calling my mom.
    Usually because I need a band aid, can't find the quest bars in the grocery store again, or because two weeks have gone by and I should probably communicate with her.
  6. Eating jello pudding cups.
    The no sugar added ones are only 60 calories!
  7. Watching cartoons.
    My obsession with spongebob and fairly odd parents has transitioned into an obsession with Bobs burgers and archer.
  8. Getting excited about learning.
    Going to school is still fun!
  9. Making a new friend.
    Sometimes I call my mom to tell her I made a new friend. 😁
  10. Blasting really shitty music with my windows down and singing at the top of my lungs.
    This is why I still know all the words to Look At Me Now; thanks 16 year old me.
  11. Topping things with sprinkles.
    Pancakes, waffles, cake, yogurt, bowls of fruit, ice cream, smoothies.. I could go on.