1. When people chew loudly with their mouth open.
  2. How humans can just let themselves become obese and see nothing wrong with it.
  3. America's obsession with convenience.
  4. That aesthetically pleasing flowers are planted in public areas instead of plants that produce food.
    Guerilla gardening, people. Make it a thing.
  5. That it's more difficult to eat healthy food than to eat like shit.
  6. Climate change/global warming deniers.
  7. Misogyny.
  8. Stupid people.
  9. People who fail to recognize both sides to an issue.
  10. Donald Trump.
  11. Animal abusers.
  12. That fucker who "saved" a bison because it was "cold."
    Thanks to you, that calf was rejected by its herd and had to be euthanized. Saved it my ass, you basically murdered it you dickwad.
  13. People who talk down to others with low-wage jobs.
    They're temporary positions, have some respect and stop assuming you know everything about everyone.
  14. People who chronically assume things.
  15. People that think I'm in high school and my tattoos are "stamps."
    Who the fuck would get a skin stamp? Is that even a thing? If I was in high school, why the fuck would I buy something like that? Why have people asked me this on more than one occasion? I'm in college and have ink permanently in my skin, just accept it, damnit!
  16. When there aren't any ripe avocados at the grocery store.
  17. When my customers don't put their dirty dishes in the bus tub and instead stack them by the trash.
    Do they not realize this gives all the other customers the idea that dishes get stacked by the trash?! Because THEY GO IN THE BUS TUB.
  18. When customers say "wow it's a little toasty in here, huh?"
    Like I didn't notice the a/c hasn't been working for the last 2 weeks and it's been like 80 degrees out every day. Do you see this back sweat?! Yes I know it's hot in here!
  19. To be continued...