1. Starbucks
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    You might think this is a picture of a red sedan parked outside a lovely refurbished garage, but it's a Starbucks that wants SO badly for you to overlook its sign. Not only that, it's a tester Starbucks for new drinks you can't get at most locations, so just in case you notice the sign, you might still want to go in because it's so #exclusive and #hip.
  2. J.Crew
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    Once you can make out the faint difference between the taupe text and its eggshell white background, this J.Crew signage isn't *that* subtle, but on the sidewalk adjacent to the store, there is no way to tell what this store is called. Its identity is only revealed after you've crossed (a) the street, or (b) the threshold and started looking at tags.
  3. Urban Outfitters
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    This Urban Outfitters is *so* ashamed of being an Urban Outfitters, IT CHANGED ITS NAME. UO went to Brooklyn, reinvented itself as Space Ninety 8, and added a bar to the third floor.
  4. Whole Foods
    So embarrassed it's not even open! (Yet.)