1. romeo + juliet, 1996
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    the classic. i actually have this on a t-shirt.
  2. revolutionary road, 2008
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  3. what's eating gilbert grape?, 1993
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    the youngest cry face on this list
  4. ???
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    i can't place this one, but i like the asymmetry of his crumpled mouth
  5. the basketball diaries, 1995
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  6. total eclipse, 1995
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    a rare, uncrumpled cry face
  7. shutter island, 2010
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  8. romeo + juliet, 1996
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    crying *and* undressing 😏
  9. romeo + juliet, 1996
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    he cried a lot in this movie, ok???
  10. the departed, 2006
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  11. the quick and the dead, 1995
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  12. total eclipse, 1995
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  13. revolutionary road, 2008
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    points deducted for covering the cry face
  14. the departed, 2006
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  15. the basketball diaries, 1995
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    cry face in profile
  16. revolutionary road, 2008
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    subtle cry face
  17. shutter island, 2010
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  18. the aviator, 2004
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    barely a cry face
  19. oops, how'd this get here?
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