Working for @MTV is p cool I guess
  1. HIGH: Bonding with @halsey about our shared poor contact lens hygiene
  2. LOW: JUST missing Salt N Pepa perform "Shoop" a cappella for our 360 VR cameras by, like, 1 minute
  3. HIGH: Getting curved by Ariana Grande while trying to interview her about her performance
  4. LOW: Missing @list Live while I was in LA
  5. LOW: It rains in LA?!??!!?
  6. HIGH: Never having to do my own makeup a single day last week
  7. HIGH: Tyler Posey trying to help me regain feeling in my fingers on the unexpectedly cold red carpet
  8. LOW: Alexander Skarsgard putting on pants for the after party
  9. HIGH: Seeing a meme in real life
    Pictured: me + @staceysommer + the Damn Daniel boys
  10. HIGH: This