this is a list i'd like to grow
  1. for when someone texts you too early in the morning and wakes you up
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  2. for when everyone in the group text is laughing about something but you don't understand
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  3. for when you've lost your friend at a crowded bar and want to meet back up
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  4. for when you feel bad for someone but also disgusted by their choices
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  5. for when someone suggests the same brunch spot you've been to a thousand times and DAMMIT WHY CAN'T WE JUST TRY SOMETHING NEW FOR ONCE??????
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  6. for when someone is being long-winded and you're getting bored but still want to be cute about it
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  7. for when someone suggests watching "magic mike" or its sequel
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  8. for when someone tries to shade you on a group text (for being late, for not wanting to come out, for not weighing in on a decision, etc.etc.)
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  9. For when you're sick of using the "I can't even" bitmoji
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    Suggested by @dena
  10. for any time, use with reckless abandon
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